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Firstly, thank you for your amazing support of our ‘Pub Hub’ here at the Roebuck Inn, during lockdown and for more than a quarter of a year that our pubs were closed down here in Mobberley and beyond. Great memories were created selling ale in milk containers by the litre! ‘Help yourself cider’ and six packs of bottle beer!


So, what now? The Roebuck Inn is finally open again but some of our customers are asking if they can still pop in and take beer away? The answer is yes, of course you can! So read below, to find out what we are doing now in the new Pub Hub Shop…



Boxes of Ale

Great News! You can order fresh cask ale in a box from us! 36 pint boxes, no hassle, no tapping or pegging, simply settle the box for 24 hours in a cool place and then pour from the fitted tap…..couldn’t be easier! 

Our ales available for the week are below and they are all priced at £49.95 for 36 pints of hassle free bitter!

Choose from Cheshire Cat, Bulls Head Bitter, Mobberley Wobbly, Buck Bitter, Byley Bomber and 1812 Overture Ale (Bulls Head Anniversary Ale).

All at £49.95 Each. Simply decide what you want and give us one week’s notice.

Please ring us on 01565 873939 and order your box on a Monday for a Friday delivery then you have it for the weekend!

Casks of Ale

If you would prefer to buy ale in the cask then we do have Pin Casks (36 Pint Casks) these can be ordered giving two days notice and we offer the same ales in the Pins. 

Choose from Cheshire Cat, Bulls Head Bitter, Mobberley Wobbly, Buck Bitter, Byley Bomber and 1812 Overture Ale (Bulls Head Anniversary Ale).

These are far easier to handle and tap, plus you can keep them cold more easily. £49.95 Each

We also have plenty of taps thanks to Weetwood Brewery. (Instructions on how to tap etc. are below. We do supply a tap, peg and the instructions for a £10.00 deposit) Please return the empty Keg and tap after use to claim your £10.00 deposit. 

For the Smaller ‘Quench’

‘Ale to go’ is now served in one litre cartons (1.76 imperial pints) for £5.00 and two litre cartons (£3.52 imperial pints) for £10.00. (We do recycle the containers safely and these can be re-used by you if they are washed and sanitised when you bring them back for re-use) 

‘Ale to go’ is on traditional hand pull and all you need to do is pop in to see what is on offer or ring us on 01565 873939. We will always have the wonderful Buck Bitter on hand pull plus a guest or two. 

‘Buck’ Bitter – 3.6% ABV

A flavoursome, hoppy pale ale at a very ‘session’able’ ABV. Pale golden with a

great aroma and freshness from the pine and lemony characteristics.

There is plenty of character and layers of flavour, rare in a 3.6% beer. Brewed

at Weetwood Brewery in Tarporley, Cheshire. 

Please remember we can still deliver to your door via our local taxi firm ‘Link Line’ or you can pick up here at the Hub!


We have your favourite ‘Taunton cider’ in 500ml Bottles are £2.50 a bottle

or 6 for only £12.95


Chapel Down’s Craft ‘Curious Apple’ Cider in 330ml Cans £1.95 a can



Lager on Tap

‘Lager to go’ is served in one litre cartons (1.76 imperial pints) for £5.00 and two litre cartons (£3.52 imperial pints) for £10.00.

We have….. 

Roebuck Craft Lager 4.0% ABV

Born out of demand from lager drinkers looking for something more.

More flavour, more body and more passion from the brewer! A handcrafted

lager from carefully selected ingredients using an age-old process for the very

best results


Peroni Nastro Azzuro – Italy 5.1% ABV

Francesco Peroni established his first brewery in Vigevano, in Pavia

province. It was called Birra Peroni and still bears the founder’s name to

this day. Peroni Nastro Azzurro exemplifies the traditions of Italian

craftsmanship, passion and flair upon which it was formed.


Kuhl Cat Pilsner – 4.2% ABV

Great tasting, easy drinking Cheshire brewed Pilsner from Weetwood, who incidently supported the Hub throughout the whole of lock down. In serving this wonderful lager we pay homage to the heroes of hospitality in lockdown, cheers!




Birra Moretti 330ml £1.80 per bottle or 6 for £9.95


Estrella Damm for a bottle £1.60 or 6 for £8.95

Estrella Galicia 330ml bottle £1.60 or 6 for £8.95


Sol £1.40 for a bottle or 6 for £7.95 


Vedett Extra Blond £1.60 or 6 for £8.95

‘No and Low’ Bottle Beers for the Week Days!! 

Lucky Saint 0.5% Unfiltered lager 330ml bottle £1.50 and six-bottles for £7.95 (Vegan too) 

Vandestreek Bier Raspberry and Blueberry Sour Beer bottle 95p and six-bottles for £4.95 

San Miguel Zero 330ml bottle 1.25 or six-bottles for £6.95 

Erdinger Alkoholfrei 500ml bottle £1.50 or six-bottles for £8.95 

Nanny State by Brew Dog 330ml bottle £1.95 or six-bottles for £9.95 

Please remember you can pick up or we can deliver right to your door!


Setting up your barrel of cask ale

Thanks for choosing to serve our Cask Ale, we’re sure it will add to everyone’s enjoyment of your event. To enjoy our beer at its best, please read the following guide to setting up, storing and serving your beer.

Firstly, be very mindful that when full, a 9 gallon/72 pint ‘firkin’ weighs roughly 50kg. Consider the surface the barrel will be on and take care when handling.

Cask ale is best stored and served at ‘cellar temperature’ which is between 10-12 degrees Celsius / 50-54 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep it cool until tapping. If you think your barrel will be too warm when pouring, place a cold wet towel over it. This will allow cooling by evaporation.

The ALE NEEDS TO SETTLE as it is live beer….You will need:
– a rubber or wooden mallet (though a hammer will do) and a pair of pliers and logs to tilt the barrel but also some at the side to stop it rolling these are technically called ‘stillage’. See the diagram below….

In addition to the barrel, we will have supplied you with a black plastic tap, a wooden peg (called a spile)


  1. Stand the cask on its round base (vertically) with the keystone on the top.
  2. Set the tap in the closed position and hold it on the centre of the rubber keystone with the adjustable part of the tap facing towards the centre of the barrel.
  3. Using your mallet, knock the tap firmly through the keystone so that it breaks through the seal, far enough so it is wedged securely in place. If using a hammer rather than a mallet, put a piece of wood between the hammer and the tap to protect the tap.
  4. Now place the cask on its side where you will be serving the beer, ensuring that the tap is at the bottom and the shive is on the top. Use wooden logs to stop it rolling around.
  5. When you’re ready to start pouring, knock the small wooden peg (spile) through the centre of the shive (top bung) to break the seal. As you pour beer from the barrel, air needs to get in through this hole. You may need the pliers to pull the peg out. Keep the peg, you’ll need it later.
  6. Open the tap carefully and start pouring.
  7. When you’re finished, close the tap and knock the peg tight into the shive (if coming back for more, simply release the peg, open the tap and serve again).

We really hope you enjoy the beer. Let us have any feedback and please do send us or post a picture on social media.