Our Gin Shop has opened!

Our big priority is to look after Mobberley based Big Hill Distillery!

So we have their award winning ‘Spirit of George Gin’ perfect with a slice of orange and star anise… or Go for the taste of Spring with their Rose Gin lovely with a fresh raspberry and garden mint garnish!

Gin List

  • Spirit of George £37.50
  • Rose Gin £37.50

We also have

  • Three Wrens Rhubarb Gin £35.00
  • Manchester Raspberry Gin £32.00
  • Gunpowder Gin £32.00
  • Hunters Cheshire Gin £35.00
  • Cuckoo Gin £37.00
  • Monkey 47 Gin £35.00
  • Henners Gin £32.00
  • Henners Strawberry Gin £32.00
  • Warner’s Lemon Balm Gin £28.00
  • Warner’s Raspberry Gin £30.00
  • Warner’s Harrington Dry Gin £28.00
  • Brockmans Gin £32.00
  • Weetwood Cheshire Gin £32.00
  • Weetwood Cheshire Raspberry Gin £35.00

We also have ready mixed cans from Edinburgh Gin
Edinburgh Gin and Tonic
Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger Gin with Ginger ale
Chill, garnish and pour….it’s easy!
Only £2.95 a can

Order by phone then pick up, or we can deliver for £3.00 upwards, depending on distance from our hub.